For general FAQ, please see here.
Unlike some other tutors, I don't believe in "packing students in" and making classes very large. I firmly believe that having small classes means you can:
  • ask more questions
  • get more answers
  • speak more often; and
  • master the language more quickly.
Not to mention getting to know your classmates better!
No. Whilst I have designed all the lessons in a particular course to be similar in terms of material covered and complexity, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and backgrounds in the language, and so you may find a lesson(s) outside your usual level which you think you would benefit from. For example, you may usually attend Intermediate classes, but want to attend a lesson in the Advanced syllabus, and then resume Intermediate lessons. There is absolutely no bar to your doing this, provided of course that there is space in the lessons you wish to attend.
No. You only pay for the lesson on the day, at the venue.
No. As you only pay - on the day - for the lessons you actually attend, you can attend as few or as many lessons as you like, when you like. The only reason why you have to sign up beforehand (which is free) is to ensure that there will be no more than 6 people in your class. The smaller the class, the better the teaching, and so the more you will learn.
There are 15 lessons (1 x 75 minute lesson per week).
Generally, no. The majority of our lessons are "stand-alone". In other words, provided you are in the correct level (Beginners Plus, Intermediate or Advanced) for your ability, you don't have to have done any previous lessons in order to get the most out of them. The only exception to this is when some large topics (e.g. pronouns) span multiple lessons - these are marked 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc in the lesson plan. In this case, you may prefer to wait until we start the next topic, and then attend the pronoun lessons in the next rotation of the course.
No. Even if only one person reserves a spot, the lesson will take place. However, as prior reservation is compulsory, if no one has reserved by 6pm the night before a lesson, it will not go ahead.
By 6pm the night before.
Up to 10. However, as you do not pay until the day of the lesson, please note that if you fail to attend a lesson without cancelling beforehand, any subsequent reservations you have made will be cancelled and you will need to re-book them (subject to places being available).
You will only be able to attend the lesson if there is space within the 6 person limit (ie, 5 or fewer other students).
No. Please register each attendee individually. If it's easier, you are more than welcome to phone me to register multiple persons.